Irish Ambassador Gave James Joyce Books to the Méliusz Juhász Péter Library


The Irish Ministry of Culture has launched an international campaign within the framework of the 2022 Joyce Memorial Year, the aim of which is to make the works of James Joyce available to as many readers as possible in the language of the country in question.

His Excellency Ronan Gargan, the ambassador of Ireland and dr. Attaché Joó Marianna Szegediné visited Debrecen yesterday. They promoted the culture and literature of their country on the occasion of the 100th birthday of James Joyce’s novel Ulysses.

A new Hungarian translation of the novel was published a few years ago translated by dr. Marianna Gula, a lecturer at the English and American Institute of the University of Debrecen. Mr. Gargan and Attaché Joó Marianna Szegediné also visited the Méliusz Library, to which he donated Joyce volumes and an Irish fairy tale book, and participated in the Ulysses conference organized by the university.



Excellent Hungarian translations of James Joyce’s works have already been published. Ulysses is available in two translations, and Joyce’s Stephen Heroe was recently published in Hungarian, translated into Hungarian by András Kappanyos. The Embassy of Ireland in Budapest intends to donate Joyce volumes to several county libraries during a national tour. Within the framework of this, Ambassador Ronan Gargan handed over four copies of James Joyce’s Ulysses in Hungarian, two of James Joyce’s Stephen Heroe, and four copies of the Hungarian edition of Yeats’s Celtic fairy tales to Béla Lóránt Kovács, director of the Méliusz Juhász Péter Library.

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Photo: János Miskolczi

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