According to the Director of BMW Group Debrecen, the Future of BMW is Being Written in Debrecen

Hans-Peter Kemser, director of the BMW Group Factory in Debrecen, recently gave a television interview. According to Kemser, Debrecen will be the model plant of the German automotive concern iFACTORY, and it will be BMW’s first factory unit where the NEUE KLASSE models with pure electric drive will be produced and where fossil energy is […]

Training Courses For Small Businesses Launched in Debrecen

This year, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) employing a minimum of 20 people in Debrecen can apply for three training courses in the series of business development programs, Lajos Barcsa, deputy mayor responsible for the economy, said at the press conference presenting the new courses on Tuesday. Lajos Barcsa emphasized that it is extremely important […]