Grateful Patient Donates Fifty Million Forints to the Foundation of the Heart Surgery Clinic in Debrecen


A patient of the Cardiology and Heart Surgery Clinic of the University of Debrecen Clinical Center donated fifty million forints to the institution’s foundation. This is how the patient expressed his gratitude for the high-quality healing work. The clinic used the money to purchase patient monitoring monitors, the modern device required for catheter coronary interventions, and also acquired a software that supports the cooperation of the X-ray and cardiac ultrasound device, with which the structural elements of the heart can be seen more precisely than ever before during catheter interventions.

Last year, the Foundation for the Development of Cardiac Catheterization received a record fifty million HUF support from a patient of the Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery Clinic.

The donor has requested complete confidentiality and does not want his name to be published.

With the donation, the patient expressed his gratitude to the clinic’s specialists for their effective healing work and high-quality care.

“It was a fantastic feeling, I couldn’t believe it when I heard about the HUF fifty million donation. Recently, it has become more and more common for our patients to call after leaving the clinic and tell us how satisfied they were with the care, including the professional, healing work, the humanity and empathy of the doctors and specialists. Several of them offer to support the foundation up to HUF 100,000 depending on their financial means, but HUF 50 million is an unprecedented amount. For us, the most important thing is that the patients return home from the clinic satisfied and cured, but definitely in a better state of health. Of course, we are happy to receive the support provided to the foundation, which – in line with the goals laid down in the founding certificate – we will always use to improve and develop the care of heart patients in Debrecen” – Professor Zoltán Csanádi, director of the Cardiology and Heart Surgery Clinic, told

The grateful patient asked that the money should be used for the development of the healing work and the purchase of modern tools and instruments. With the support of the private individual, the institution realized three significant investments.

“From the fifty million HUF donation, we bought a monitor system for the intensive care unit, which serves to ensure the safety of the patients and the continuous monitoring of their condition. We also acquired a new device for the cardiac catheterization lab, a rotablator, which can make the catheter treatment of severe, calcified coronary artery stenosis more effective. In addition, we ordered a software and hardware update of our ultrasound device that will be installed in the hybrid laboratory. Thanks to this, the X-ray and the state-of-the-art heart ultrasound, renovated in this way, provide fusion imaging that makes the interventions easier and safer” – the clinic director explained.

The institution continuously informs the offeror – who has already seen the improvements – about the purchases.

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