A woman in Balmazújváros became ill from toxic gas

A middle-aged woman fell ill on Wednesday evening in the bathroom of a family home in Balmazújváros, Kodály Zoltán Street. The professional firefighters from Hajdúböszörmény went to the incident because carbon monoxide poisoning was suspected. While the emergency services examined the injured person on the spot, the firemen carried out measurements in the vicinity of […]

Five firefighters put out the flames on the roof of a house in Komádi

In Komádi, on Árpád Street, the roof structure of an outbuilding caught fire on Monday evening. Professional firefighters from Komád municipality and Berettíóújfalu went to the scene and extinguished the fire with a water jet and hand tools. Five firefighters were on the roof at the same time to eliminate the danger.

Due to thunderstorms and downpours, a danger signal was issued for Hajdú-Bihar county – this is how the cold front arrives

On Thursday, a cold front will arrive over the Carpathian Basin, and the warm, moist conveyor belt that will form in front of it will bring showers, thunderstorms, and sometimes large amounts of precipitation in many places.