Climate Change Affects the Big Forest Very Sensitively and We Add to the Problem With Littering – Interview With the Director of Debrecen Forestry

The years and decades ahead may be critical for the wildlife of the Big Forest, also known as the “lungs of Debrecen”. What are the threats to this sensitive and protected ecosystem? What could be some hope in the middle of the seemingly irreversible climate change process? We talked about this hot topic with Lajos […]

An Exhibition About Toluca, Debrecen’s Sister City in Mexico, Opened in Forum Debrecen

Although Hungary and Mexico are separated by an ocean, due to the similarities between the settlements, they can foster a fruitful relationship in the fields of industry, education, economy and culture, which carries the possibility of continuous mutual learning and mutual development.

Water Broke Into Déri Museum, Roofs Have Been Damaged – Friday’s Storms Caused Significant Damage in Hajdú-Bihar County

Firefighters received many alerts in Hajdú-Bihar county on Friday night due to the stormy weather. The sudden heavy rainfall and strong wind caused significant damage, the disaster management has announced.