More refugees in Debrecen

Local News

In the last five years increasing the numbers of refugees arriving to our region.
The most significant numbers were those families arrived from Serbia and Kosovo in 2008-2009.

Currently single Afghans are on the top of the list. 90% of the South Slav and 65-70% of the Asian
refugees leaving Hungary before their cases closed by the immigration authorities. These persons arrivel usually due to the economic situation, they are trying to get a job in one of the Western european countries.

The Refugee Camp of Debrecen is a key criminal risk object so to prevent crimes last year they increased the number of checks by eight times.

Officials said that protecting the Ukranian and Romanian border sections isa serious challange, because the vast majority of immigrants arriving through these areas. Currently 214 thousand foreigner citizens living in Hungary holding a valid residence permit, only eight thousand of them in our region.

Last year 96% of the refugees arrived illegally to Hungary.

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