Debrecen`s richest man is Gabor Szima

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The 52 years old Szima began his business career in the catering industry, but most of us know him as the president of the DVSC
football team.

He owns 74% of the DVSC Football Organizer Inc. Last year the Champions League matches brought him 7.3 million Euros, nearly two billion forints. His assest worth a stunning 14.1 billion forints (50 million Euros).

Jozsef Boros`s increasing wealth was based on his restaurants and property investments. He owns the Semann and Palma restaurants, and recently bought the buildings of the former Debrecen Tobacco Factory.
His latest investment is the four star Hotel Obester in the centre of Debrecen. His assest reaching 11.7 billion forints (42 million Euros).

Gyula Gaspar`s, the head of the Agropoint Ltd assets grew up to 8.2 billion forints last year. Currently his interest turns towards the beef industry, he bought land in Romania.

Zoltan Kotosman and Zoltan Seres`s estimated fortune is 3.2 billion forints. They recently sold their Heliker shares to Coop Szolnok Company.

The Managing Director of the Keviep Construction Ltd, Ferenc Miklossy fortune is nearly 2.6 billion forints. He is also the president of the County`s Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Zoltan Rathonyi has 2.4 billion forints. Sandor Nagy`s Karat Invest Ltd worthmore than 2.2 billion forints.

The Inancsy family owns 3 hotels in Hajduszoboszlo with an estimated wealth of 2.1 billion forints.

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