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The Debrecen Flower Carnival offers a sea of flowers, festival atmosphere, star performers. Recent years it is not only a one day programme but a week long fiesta in music, dance and flowers. Special guests are Ali Campbell (UB40) and Bobby McFerrin.

Theevent offers a great experienceas one of the most famous events in Hungary.
This year will not be different the event will be even more colourful. During the last 100 years
the visitors have seen almost 600 flower cars and tens of thousands of marchers on St. Istvan`s

41. Debrecen Flower Carnival
16 – 21. August 2010

This St. Istvan`s day will be an unforgettable experience for all. For the organizers lots of ideas,
work, creativity and an incredible team work characterized the preparations. It will be unforgettable
for the visitors also because of the artists and productions which will guarantee the festival
The carnival is a week-long fiesta in Debrecen but the city "opens its gates" and a couple of
beautiful flower cars will be visible in other locations.
Last year organizers introduced the mascot figure of the Carnival, who is a lovely littleflower.
She will be a constant actor of the festivals so visitors will often see her on the streets of Debrecen.

The Carnival take the road

15 – 18. July 2010 Dobo square, Eger
As part of the "Vegvari Vigassagok" festivities

22 – 25. July 2010 Pecs

Several locations will be involved in the celebrations in Debrecen

A special garden "Tunderkert" is waiting for the visitors in the yard of the Old Town Hall.
Elves, goblins, fairies and many interesting curiosity will captivating the visitors in the
garden from the 16th of August.
The Great Forest will be involved in the events of the Carnival. Those who interested in can enjoy
the secrets of the Forest at dusk from the 16th of August. They can also admire the colourful
"Fragrance garden" and the animals of the zoo preparing for their evening siesta.
With the exception of the Kossuth square, Piac street and Nagyerdei Stadium the courtyard of
the Old Town Hall, the Csapo street, Baltazar Dezso square, the Sporcentre at Olah Gabor street
and the Kolcsey Centre reserve a number of surprises.

Carnival Week Programmes

16. August
"The ancient city takes a step" (world premiere)
A dancepoem from the history of Debrecen
joint performanceof the Debrecen Folk-dance Ensembleand the Hajdu Dance Ensemble
Location: Kossuth square, in front of the Great Reformed Church

17. August
The programme of the Cuban State Folk-dance Ensemble
A dance show with traditional cuban music and rhythms.
Location: Kossuth square

18. August
R-GO Concert
One of the most successful Hungarian band of the eighties was founded in 1982,
when Robert Szikora left the Hungaria band on its peak of success.
They held a 20 year anniversary concert in 2003, and released their "Csikidam" album
in 2004 which one was followed by the cd version of their "Amulet" album.
The "Retro" album was released in 2006. The band`s latest album was "Letezem".
Robert Szikora received the Viva Comet Award for the Hungarian Pop Music in 2007.
Location: Kossuth square

19. August
Ali Campbell (UB 40) concert
The UB40 was founded in Birmingham in 1978. They sold 70 million copies of their albums
in the last 30 years. Their hits Red,red wine, I got you babe and Can`t help fallin in love
brought them huge success. After 30 years their frontman Ali Campbell left the band
and started solo career.

Location: Kossuth square

20. August

41. Debrecen Flower Carnival

21. August
Bobby McFerrin concert
The well-known musician won 10 Grammy Awards and has been in Hungary couple
of times. His four-octave voice helped him to sold over 20 million copies of his albums.
His famous song "Don`t worry be happy" led the American Billboard chart as the first
a capella (vocal only) song.
He worked together with Chick Corea, the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra, Herbie Hancock.
He wrote an a capella opera "Bobble". After an eight years break he releases a new album
in 2010. He will also presents his VOCAbuLarieS album in Debrecen.
Location: Kolcsey Centre, Main Hall

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