Video link with Nagyvárad

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They initiated a set up of a 24/7 video and voice communication system
which ensures non-stop consultation between the University of Debrecen
and Nagyvarad`s hospitals.

This is very important because of the equal opportunities of patients both side of the borders.

With the help of the eHealth System (Starting next February) they will connect the Neurological Clinic of Oradea and the Intensive Care Unit of the Neurology Clinic of the University of Debrecen. Which ensures that the neurologist in Debrecen will be able to examine the patient using a special camera and the help of the transmitted CT image so they will start the thrombolytic treatment immediately in Oradea give better
chances to survival. said dr. Laszlo Csiba, director of the Neurology Clinic University of Debrecen.

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