Police take frantic woman out of her house

Local News Police

On Wednesday afternoon, 23 of December, a 33 year-old woman from Debrecen was reported at the police to have locked herself up in her apartment in frantic state, with a knife in her hand.

A report was made at the ambulance, too, the operator of which heard the enraged woman say she would kill her mother and open the gas to blow up the building if the ambulance was called to take her. The police, the ambulance, the fire brigade and the experts of TIGAZ arrived on the scene. The experts closed the gas torch and the area was cordoned. The ambulance men on the seen managed to talk to the woman on the phone who did not threaten to blow up the house but she said she still wanted to commit suicide.
In order to prevent the woman from hurting herself, the police pushed into the apartment and took her out. Then the ambulance took her for medical examination.
An expert of TIGAZ checked the convector in the apartment and found that it was not damaged which meant that there had been no real danger that the woman would blow up the house so no proceedings were initiated against her.

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