Further decline in number of schoolkids

Local News

1,800 children expected to start primary school in September. The number of kids continuously decreasing. This year more than 2000 pupils finish their primary education.

The parents still have a month to decide which school going to be to enroll their kids. The application form must be completed by 10 February.

The parents can chose from two types of primary schools. Urban or district schools will be available.
Urban enrollment, such as advanced art, foreign language or sporting 13 institutions providing services. There is no exam only an aptitude survey needed to entry.

The application forms will be posted to the kindergartens till the end of January. The completed forms must be submitted by 10 February by the parents. In March the local government will decide on the number of classes to start after checking the number of applications by school.
The school principals shall notify the parents in writing till the end of March.
The registration will be on April 18-19.

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