Our health must be preserved

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“Health is a form of capital which must be preserved.”

On meeting with leaders of the Faculty of Public Health of the University of Debrecen János Halász parliamentary secretary said that the country needs an efficient and financeable health care program. He added that they are developing a system that helps and raises awareness that health is one of the most important values.The University of Debrecen, Faculty of Public Health currently has 740 students. Their teachers’ main aim is to assist the development of an effective national health program with the research results of their institution.

“People must become aware of its importance, becausehealth is a form of capitalwhich must be preserved. It is veryimportant that the public health institutional system and its finances help to reach this aim” pointed out Mr Halász.He also said that the parliament began the legislative process to save the healthcare and develop an effective public health system.

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