Policemen leave hand grenade in garden

Local News Police

A local man dug out a hand grenade in Debrecen. The police went to the scene and put a bucket and a brick onto the grenade, told the owner that the bomb squad would be there within the next 30 days and left.

A local man was digging in his garden in Trombita Street when he found a grenade. The man informed the police immediately which responded and sent patrols to the scene. They put a bucket and a piece of brick onto the bucket to cover the hand grenade. After that they left saying that the bomb squad would be there within 30 days. The owner sought the assistance of the editor of the local media desperately because he has small children, just as the neighboring families do. The grenade is just two meters away from his house.

The local press immediately called Mrs Vezendi, spokesperson of the Hajdú-Bihar County Police who said that they informed the bomb squad but police officers have no right to touch and remove the grenade. They have to follow the law and inform the bomb squad of the Army and they will send somebody to remove and disarm the grenade. The bomb squad has 30 days to disarm and remove the device according to law. They have to rank the cases according to importance so they cannot guarantee that they will be able to sort out the problem within a day. The locals are afraid to sleep in the neighborhood.

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