Debrecen Zoo makes some rules in the epidemic period

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Dear Visitors,

Please see below a summary of our measures regarding the current coronavirus outbreak as well as some other relevant information.

Our opening hours are still as usual, with our zoo open every day of the week and the amusement park season starting this weekend. Please note, however, that, in accordance with yesterday’s government measure on outdoor events, the number of visitors at our Amusement Park Season Kickoff event will have to be limited to 500 at any given time.

Our institution covers a relatively large and open area, so the risk of infection is definitely no greater here than at, for instance, shopping malls, which currently face no restrictive measures.

We constantly monitor and adhere to all governmental and municipal regulations and have taken, and will continue to take, all reasonable precautions. We have installed hand sanitizer dispensers at our cash desks, which have also been supplied with information material on infection prevention, and have switched to virucidal liquid soap in all our restrooms. Furthermore, we will be disinfecting the surface of all amusement park rides after each use.

It is advisable to pay via card or buy your Zoo and Amusement Park tickets online.

Although there is no current information indicating that animals pose any additional risk of infection or are in any way affected by the current virus, we still ask you to use the above means of sanitization upon contact with them.

Thank you for your understanding.

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