Preventive medical training at the KFOR Tactical Reserve Battalion

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The troops of KFOR Tactical Reserve Battalion (KTRBN) have started to broaden their knowledge on care assistant skills. The purpose of this kind of training is that soldiers who are already able to carry out tactical casualty care could get such additional abilities so they can support the health services in case of need.

Coronavirus epidemic concerned several European countries as well as Kosovo. KFOR Forces have taken preventive actions in accordance with the guidance of World Health Organization to reduce the risk of further spread of the virus. They have implemented higher hygiene measures in order to prevent the transmission of COVID-19. KFOR will continue to execute daily operations, while having put in place measures to reduce the exposure and potential transmission of the virus. KFOR soldiers are continuing their patrolling and monitoring activities throughout Kosovo in accordance with KFOR’s UN-mandate, in support of the Kosovo Security Organizations, in order to contribute to a safe and secure environment for all citizens. In spite of the precautious actions KTRBN continues to conduct its’ tasks and trainings.

Almost one hundred soldiers of the Hungarian contingent have completed the Combat Lifesaver (CLS) course earlier. They are trained to reach such skills and procedures that they hadn’t met or applied before. The preparation of the troops is focused on the possibility of the occurrence of huge number of patients with diversity of seriousness and when the system of health services is overwhelmed, the soldiers are capable of providing additional support. They learn the basic actions of an epidemic such as the disinfection of the patient’s environment and the appropriate usage of PPE (Personal Protecting Equipment). Moreover, they acquire how to take blood pressure, body temperature, monitor heart rate and the methods of how to reduce fever physically. Getting to know special equipment (pulzoxymeter, oxygen mask, oxygen tank, blood pressure meter, monitor, defibrillator) is also part of the training because these can be used while treating a patient. In addition, they practice how to move patients in critical condition. To sum up, the aim of the training is to prepare the soldiers to be able to individually use what they have learnt and document the patient’s health status.

,,It is obviously important to train the soldiers so they get familiar with such procedures which are not taught during CLS courses. Beyond using special equipment, they gain skills which can be really useful not only in case of an epidemic but every time in the future to support their comrades” – highlighted OF-1 Máté ÉZSIÁS MD, commander of KFOR Hungarian Contingent Health Centre.


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