A new community space has opened on Bocskai Plage – people can enjoy each other’s company again

Local News

Many people are already waiting to be able to use the community space created in the area of ​​the Bocskai Plage and Spa and to enjoy each other’s company again after the strict restrictive measures taken in the event of an emergency, writes the community of Hajdúböszörmény.

The “Development of the public spaces of the Bocskai Plage and Spa”, a fantasy program, has been implemented.

There is a new playground here, where game elements according to age groups have been placed. There are also filagoria, cooking areas, washbasins in the new area.

During the investment, special attention was paid to people with reduced mobility, families with small children, as the area affected by the development is barrier-free.

Hajdúböszörményi Városgazdálkodási NKft. – as a beach operator, you can open the facility, which is currently in the process of being held, with a permit to use it. After that, all residents of Balmazújváros who want to relax can use the newly created community space free of charge.



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