A car was on fire in the courtyard of a family house in Hosszúpályi

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In Hosszúpályi, on Sport Street, in the yard of a family house, a car was on fire on Sunday. The municipal firefighters of Létavértes extinguished the fire with a jet of water, the county disaster management announced.

Papp-Kunkli Nóra also reported other cases from the county:

A car caught fire near Berettyóújfalu, on the main road No. 47. The engine compartment of the car was burning. The fire was extinguished by the occupants before the arrival of the professional firefighters in Berettyóújfalu, so the unit intervened in the post-production.

Stubble and two hundred and twelve round bales blazed on the outskirts of Hajdúszovát on Sunday. Professional firefighters from Hajdúszoboszló and Debrecen marched, encircling the flames with three jets of water.

In Zsák, Dankó Street, the weed burned three hundred square meters, so the professional firefighters of Berettyóújfalu marched. The unit was quenched by a jet of water and hand tools.

The pasture between Földes and Derecske burned on ten hectares on Sunday afternoon. The professional firefighters of Püspökladány and Berettyóújfalu extinguished the flames with two jets of water and hand tools.

A branch of a six-meter wild plum tree split onto the bike path in Debrecen, Mester Street. Professional firefighters from Debrecen were alerted and removed the branch with a chainsaw.

A carbon monoxide sensor gave signals late at night in the bathroom of a ground floor apartment in Hajdúhadház, Nagyág Street. Professional firefighters from Hajdúböszörmény and the county disaster management operation service marched to the scene. The sensor indicated a high carbon monoxide concentration. Two residents of the house were taken to the hospital by the ambulance service for further examinations.


Hajdú-Bihar County Disaster Management Directorate

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