Slapped the social worker at the food distribution

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The Berettyóújfalu District Prosecutor’s Office prosecuted a man for committing a crime against a person performing public duties and charged him with another crime against a woman who expressed her impatience first with words and then with abuse.

In a building in Váncsod, free food packages were distributed in the early afternoon of December 28, 2020, based on the donations collected. For such a package, the 41-year-old defendant, who was in front of a female employee of one of the charity services, was also lined up.

The woman did not want to take over the packages for herself, but did her job, as a social helper she wanted to take over and deliver the food packages to those she cared for.

While waiting, the accused resented being in the back row and therefore had to wait a long time, and because of his outrage, the victim had rather let the woman in front of him go first.

Meanwhile, the food-distributing volunteer began distributing food packages to the victim’s caregivers. This was noticed by the accused, who slapped the victim with the palm of his hand without saying a word.

The woman suffered a bruising injury on the right side of her face that healed within eight days.

According to the relevant legislation, the caregiver performing home care is considered to be a person performing a public task, and the accused was also aware of this job of the victim.

During the investigation carried out by the Berettyóújfalu Police Headquarters, the accused admitted to committing the crime.

The Berettyóújfalu District Prosecutor’s Office has prosecuted the accused and charged him with a misdemeanor in the Berettyóújfalu District Court. In the indictment, the district prosecutor’s office filed a motion for the district court to impose a criminal sentence on the basis of the contents of the case files and to impose a suspended prison sentence on the accused.

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