Beautiful Music Will Await Citizens of Debrecen

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This is the third time that classical music will fill the night of downtown Debrecen, organised by Kodály Philharmonia on 15 August 2021.


The event, which moved a crowd of ten thousand in 2019, was followed by a smaller production line last year, with surprise venues. This year, the main square will host another big concert with the participation of János Balázs, Kossuth Prize-winning pianist, Andrea Vigh, Liszt Prize-winning harpist and the Kodály Philharmonic Orchestra. In addition, free programmes will await visitors until midnight.

Dániel Somogyi-Tóth, director-art director of Kodály Philharmonia, said at the related press event on 10 August 2021 that they were preparing for a special evening, as four high-quality events would meet in the evening of 15 August: The Night of the Classics, the Cziffra György memorial year, the brand new Debrecen Festival Plays and the Debrecen Flower Carnival. The Debrecen Festival Plays, which event is debuting now, is expected to make Debrecen more visible on the map of high art, and one of the pearls of this year’s programmes is the Concert in memory of György Cziffra, to start at 20.30 on 15 August. The organisers can seat eight hundred people with 500 HUF registration tickets, so it is worth buying them as soon as possible!

More information on the events of Cziffra100 can be found at the website. You can read more about the programmes of the Night of the Classics at Further programmes of Debrecen Festival Plays are available at:


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