An explosive device was found in Hajdúszoboszló, 12 families had to leave their homes

Local News

The World War II hand grenade found in Hajdúszoboszló was transported, said Milán Gajdos, the communications officer of the Hungarian Army’s fire brigade regiment.

The explosive was found in a ditch in the village in the morning. By the time of identification, two streets had been closed on one section each, and several family houses had been evacuated. The communications officer said a firefighter patrol found on the scene that a World War II F1-type Soviet-made hand grenade had been found. There was no igniter in it so it could be transported.

The hand grenade had already been taken to the central collection point of the Hungarian Armed Forces for later destruction. The measures to protect the population were conducted then lifted by the police, Milán Gajdos said.

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