A cockatoo couple arrived at the Debrecen Zoo

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The Debrecen Zoo can once again announce the arrival of a special, rare species, after receiving a pair of cockatoos from Solomon Islands from the Szeged Game Park – said dr. Gergely Sándor Nagy managing director.

At the end of the mandatory quarantine period, the newcomers occupied their place on the parrot line of the institution, where visitors can already see them. This species is a real zoo rarity in our area, as it can be found in only 20 European institutions.

The Solomon Islands cockatoo (Cacatua ducorpsii), native to the lowland rainforests of Solomon Islands, is a relatively small cockatoo with an average body length of 30 cm. It is characterized by an all-white plumage and a headboat reminiscent of a sail when raised. In nature, it consumes berries, nuts and sometimes insects. Although its wild stock is stable and populous for the time being, the species is listed on the World Conservation Union (IUCN) Red List and the Washington Convention (CITES) for protection against international trade. in the Annex.

On the occasion of World Animal Week, the Debrecen Zoo awaits its visitors with thematic programs throughout the week: from October 10 every day from 13:00 to the zoo, and from 14:00 to visitors to the perfume garden, who can read many excerpts inspired by the Great Forest during their walk. They are also greeted by a thank-you tree, where you can place your short thank-you messages to the Great Forest every day between 10:00 and 12:00 with the help of the staff of the institution.

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