There was stormy windy weather at Hajdú-Bihar county

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Due to stormy winds, firefighters were alerted to several settlements in Hajdú-Bihar county on Thursday. Nine times at the county seat, units had to intervene, the county disaster management writes.

The pedestrian and road concept was hampered by tree branches splitting due to the storm. In Hajdúszoboszló the roof structure of a family house was broken by the wind, in Hajdúböszörmény the branches of an acacia tree split and fell on the roof structure of a family house. Between Püspökladány and Sárrétudvari, a large tree branch split into a scheduled vehicle. It had to be removed by the professional firefighters of Püspökladány.

Between Földes and Berettyóújfalu, forest undergrowth and twenty-five round bales burned on Thursday afternoon. The professional firefighters of Berettyóújfalu and Hajdúszoboszló intervened with three jets of water and hand tools.

Late in the afternoon, the engine compartment of a car caught fire in Debrecen, on Nagyerdei Boulevard. Before the arrival of the professional firefighters in Debrecen, an electrician quenched the flames with a powder extinguisher. Firefighters used a thermal imager to inspect the vehicle and perform rework.

In a five-hectare area, the pasture burned in the evening near Berettyóújfalu. Professional firefighters marched in Berettyóújfalu, extinguishing the fire with two jets of water and hand tools.

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