The upgraded Derecskei main canal was handed over

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The modernization of the Derecskei main canal has been completed. The development of more than HUF 3 billion will improve water supply and increase the competitiveness of those living from agriculture in the agricultural sector, the county government said.

Over the past 30 years, the canal has become heavily muddy, with existing artifacts in need of renovation. The consortium of the National Directorate General for Water Management and the Trans-Tisza Water Directorate received HUF 3.006 billion in European Union and domestic support within the framework of the Environmental and Energy Efficiency Operational Program.

During the development in the area of operation of the Trans-Tisza Water Directorate, new facilities were built and several canals were reconstructed.

As a result, water management in the Derecske area has improved; the amount of freshwater that can be retained will increase, the water supply of the area will improve, thus contributing to the compensation of the increasingly extreme water regime due to climate change, to the safe intensive crop production. The pumping station was also renovated, and a new transformer station had to be installed to service the increased capacity, as well as a new treatment building.


Hajdú-Bihar County Council

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