The county government distributed HUF 1 million among the well-educated Hajdú-Bihar athletes

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The General Assembly of the Hajdú-Bihar County Local Government decided in 2001 to establish a sports scholarship to support all those who study in a higher education institution and have achieved outstanding results in both sports and academics results. In the 2021/22 school year, HUF 1 million was available for this purpose. The conditions of the application included, among other things, that the applicant is a certified athlete of one of the sports organizations of Hajdú-Bihar county, and that his / her study result should reach an average of 3.51 in the period considered. Based on all the call conditions, 9 applicants won support this year:

Attila Csaba Arany (athletics – Debrecen Sports Center)

Lili Litvák (kyokushin karate – KYO. Hungária Sportegyesület)

Martin Macsi (water ball – Debrecen Water Ball Sports Association)

Patrik Macsi (water polo – Debrecen Water Polo Sports Association)

Péter Baráth (football – DVSC Futball Zrt.)

Donát Bárány (football – DVSC Futball Zrt.)

Letícia Lilly Török  (handball – DVSC Schaeffler)

Laura Luca Poczetnyik (handball – DVSC Schaeffler)

Ágnes Zsófia Váncsa (archery – Hajdú Archery Club)

Three of the winners were unable to appear in person at the ceremony. Török Lilly Leticia was represented by her father, and Martin Macsi and Patrik Macsi will take over the commemorative card at a later date.

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