A fox suspected of rabies was spotted in Balmazújváros, the municipality issued a warning

Local News

In Balmazújváros, a fox suspected of rabies was seen around Ady Endre Street, warns the city’s official page on Facebook.

As a sign of rabies, it is mentioned that the animal was not afraid of humans and even tried to befriend a cat. The city administration asks that if anyone sees such a gentle fox, not to touch it, but to report it:

– to the municipality (06-52-580-102);

– or the police (06-52-370-013);

– or to a veterinarian

dr. Uncle Imre (06-70-376-11-50)

dr. Csaba Csikos (06-30-945-03-71)

dr. András Huszenicza (06-30-63-23-974)

A fox appeared near the University



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