You can count on military vehicles on the roads of Hajdú-Bihar county

Local News
Due to military troop movements, greater traffic of national defense vehicles should be expected in several areas of the country in the coming days, the Ministry of Defense (HM) told MTI on Monday.

In their notices, they wrote: from Monday to Wednesday, in the evening and night hours, military convoys pass through the Hajdúhadház – main road 4 – road 354 – M35 – M3 – M31 – M0 – M1 – 8119 road – Tata route.
The columns of vehicles will pass over the Tisza Bridge in Oszlar on the M3 highway, as well as the Danube Bridge in Soroksár and the Danube Bridge in Háros on the M0 highway while excluding all traffic, they added.
According to the information, more military vehicle traffic is expected during the day and early evening on Wednesday due to the maneuver of the technical equipment of the MH 12th Arrabona Air Defense Missile Regiment on the route Hajdúhadház – M3 – M0 – M1 – M19 – Győr.
The Hungarian Defense Forces asked the public to observe the traffic rules and to approach military vehicles with due caution, as their size and speed, as well as the length and the way the convoys move, differ from what is customary in everyday road traffic.

Since civilian vehicles cannot drive between the vehicles of the closed convoy, the vehicles’ progress is ensured by escort vehicles at the beginning and end of the convoy, they indicated.

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