The Hortobágy National Park turned 50 years old

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On January 1, 1973, our first national park was established in Hortobágy. In the year of the anniversary, they are preparing several special events, with which they would like to commemorate the important occasion in a dignified way. This year, the Kilenclyukú bridge will be 190 years old and the Debrecen Hajdú Dance Ensemble will be 70 years old, the national park directorate announced.

Fabulous winter photos were taken at Hortobágy

Ádám Jakab, mayor of the Hortobágy settlement, Árpád Gergely Medgyesi, director of the Hortobágy National Park, and Tamás Majer, artistic director of the Debrecen Hajdú Dance Ensemble, started the festive period with a video New Year’s greeting.

In a statement, the park management spoke about the events leading up to the anniversary.

The establishment of the National Park on January 1, 1973, was facilitated by the “Pro Natura” memorandum signed by 21 internationally renowned scientists. The exploratory investigations carried out during the preparation already indicated that the wetlands are in the greatest danger, so the first thing that happened was the construction of the water replacement system for the Kunkápolnási swamp. The economic system of the time made it difficult to use land that also serves nature conservation purposes. Goose farming was a test of strength with many conflicts.

In the mid-1990s, thanks to domestic and international support, nature conservation rehabilitation work gained new impetus. The restoration of the Eyek-pustkakócsi marshes and the construction of the water replacement system of Halas-fének in Zám have taken place. Of great importance was the eradication of the canals of the abandoned rice fields and irrigated pastures, which restored the natural water balance of nearly 30,000 ha of saline plains.

The entire area of the Hortobágy National Park is a UNESCO biosphere reserve

The placement of the overhead lines in the ground cable, which breaks the horizon of the desert and endangers the birds, brought a spectacular result. Significant improvements have also been made in making the remaining power grid bird-friendly.

In the last decade, the condition of wetland habitats has further improved thanks to projects aimed at improving water retention and rehabilitating meadow lakes.

The grazing of more than 300 Eurasian wild horses and 240 reconstructed ancient tusks in Pentezug alone ensures the maintenance of a favorable ecological condition.

In addition, significant developments have taken place in the field of ecotourism and environmental education (e.g. visitor center, and nature school).

In addition to domestic legislation, the wilderness is also protected by international treaties. Its entire area is a UNESCO biosphere reserve. Its wetlands, which play an important role in bird migration, have been added to the list of the Ramsar Convention. The plan is part of the World Heritage and International Astronomical Park.

In addition to preserving the natural and cultural heritage, they also aim to present it in Hortobágy

Hortobágy’s popularity was maintained for a long time by the carriage rides and foal show in Máta. The traditional knowledge and customs of the shepherds who graze huge flocks and herds are still among the most important values today.

While the Pusztai Animal Park presents Hungarian breeds of domestic animals native to the Carpathian Basin, the Malomház Game Park presents animal species that have already disappeared from the wilderness (wild horses, ancient wolves).

The restored small railway on the “Old” lakes also helps to present the rich birdlife.

The above also proves that our country’s first national park is an extremely important part of our national heritage, the preservation, and presentation of which is ensured thanks to the high-level professional work of the professionals working here, they wrote.

Improvements made with EU funds were handed over at the sports field in Hortobágy

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