Debrecen receives the largest amount of overhead subsidies from the government

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The settlements will receive support for the increased energy costs, the Prime Minister’s Office told MTI.

It was emphasized in the announcement that, as a result of the war and the Brussels sanctions, energy prices have risen many times over. The aim of the government is to maintain the operation of the most important public services even in this situation, which is why, after previous government support for settlements with less than 10,000 inhabitants, it has now decided to support cities and capital districts with more than 10,000 inhabitants due to the increase in energy prices in the amount of about HUF 44 billion.

The financial situation of the settlements, their energy procurement contracts, and the heating and lighting systems of their basic institutions are significantly different – they wrote. They added: in exchange for the support, everyone is asked to be frugal, so the municipalities involved have prepared a plan for possible energy-saving opportunities.

According to the information, ministerial commissioner György Balla and government commissioner Zsolt Láng negotiated with the city and capital local authorities about the state contribution to their increased overhead costs; the commissioners negotiated with everyone who accepted their invitation to negotiate.

Based on their proposal, the minister in charge of the Prime Minister’s Office decided to grant almost 44 billion forints to 138 city and 17 district municipalities, the list of settlements is available on the government portal, the announcement states.

Debrecen will receive more than HUF 3 billion.

On, the list of how much support each settlement with a population of more than 10,000 receives has already appeared. Debrecen stands out spectacularly from the field, the sums for the Hajdú-Bihar cities are as follows:

Balmazújváros: HUF 131,609,120.
Berettyóújfalu: HUF 267,384,870.
Debrecen: HUF 3,186,567,397.
Hajdúböszörmény: HUF 444,234,637.
Hajdúhadház: HUF 61,532,875.
Hajdúnánás: HUF 232,407,852.
Hajdúsámson: HUF 42,025,376.
Hajdúszoboszló: HUF 165,421,929.
Püspökladány: HUF 250,139,261.



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