They Did Not Receive On-Call Allowances: Two Hundred Professionals in Debrecen Canceled the Voluntary Overtime at the University Clinics

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Because of this, there may be fewer surgeries and the waiting time for certain services in Debrecen may be even longer.

In most cases, the 18 percent wage increase of skilled workers in July happened in time, but in some cases it caused serious tensions – Adrianna Soós, president of the Independent Health Trade Union (FESZ) informed Népszava about the results of their survey. In Debrecen, the university clinics have so far given employees a special on-call allowance for on-call work, but they want to take back part of the allowance, because the 18 percent wage increase applies only to the basic salary and the mandatory allowances, not to the allowances based on one’s own decision. The allowance thus increased to a lesser extent than expected, and because of this, 200 skilled workers resigned from the voluntary overtime. According to Adrianna Soós, if they cannot come to an agreement, patient care may also be at risk: there will be fewer surgeries and longer waiting times in Debrecen.

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