Bishop Károly Fekete, Sole Advocate for the Resignation of Zoltán Balog, Prayed for the Victims in Debrecen

Local News

On Wednesday, only Károly Fekete, the bishop of the Tiszántúli Reformed Church District, requested the resignation of Reformed bishop Zoltán Balog, who was involved in the pardon scandal of the Fidesz government. Balog, who won a sympathy vote on Tuesday, finally resigned on Friday – with some delay. In the Great Church on Sunday morning, Károly Fekete also preached. In his speech he spoke about devilish temptation and the society that makes concessions to devilish power.

As he said, the tempter left Jesus for a while, “and then appeared rhythmically”. This is how it is today, the devil regularly casts his net for us. He emphasized that we must trust in the power of the Holy Spirit, because it is such a mysterious power that “helps you and me defeat evil”.

“Protector Holy Spirit, arouse in us the resistance to evil and give us a life free from servitude, pure words, clearly represented truth, inner harmony. Let these be weapons of exorcism significance for us! Let these evil ones run away! God of the Holy Trinity, have mercy on our church, preserve its unity, and be with those who have become victims of something human, something shameful, something humiliating, and they mutilate their souls and their lives with it,” proclaimed Károly Fekete.

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