The number of infected people is rising exponentially


We are witnessing the third wave of the pandemic, with the number of people infected rising exponentially day by day, Cecília Müller said in an operational newsletter online Monday. She added that we have been identifying an increasing number of infected people for about two weeks now.

Another severe epidemic has started in several countries, probably due to viral mutations, she said. These are much more contagious and cause more severe symptoms – contrary to previous expert opinion, which described them as having a milder effect.

The number of patients in need of ventilation has increased by a quarter, and these data warn us to be more careful, she added.

More and more people (378 people) have contracted the English variant at home, and 34 other variants that are not of special epidemiological significance. Brazilians and South Africans have not yet been identified.

Of the 378, only ten could be linked to travel, so the others got infected in Hungary, which means that there is a community spread.

She added that the next two weeks, in which we can vaccinate as many people as we have so far, are very important because they can significantly improve our epidemiological situation.

When asked about the Sinofarm vaccine, she said that it’s a complete virus: it can’t cause infection, but it makes the immune system much better as they trust it to provide greater or even more lasting protection, but of course the future will decide, she said. Please do not miss this opportunity, she added.

There is no vaccine that provides 100 percent protection, but we see in the manufacturer’s specifications that their effectiveness is over 70 percent.

The Chinese vaccine can be given to anyone over 18 years of age. She added that it is widespread in the news that there is not enough experience over the age of 65, but we could say this to practically all of them and protect us from complications, so that is reason enough to live with it.

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