Áder Places Flowers at Grave of Imre Nagy


President János Áder on Tuesday placed flowers at the graves of Imre Nagy and the anonymous victims of the 1956 revolution at plot 301 of the public cemetery in Rákoskeresztúr.


He also placed flowers at the graves of the Transylvanian martyrs of the 1989 revolution in Romania at plot 298. Nagy, the prime minister from 1953 to 1955, was a leader of the 1956 Hungarian Revolution against the Soviet-backed government, for which he was sentenced to death and executed two years later. Pál Maléter, the defence minister, journalist Miklós Gimes and József Szilágyi were also executed among others. Nagy and his fellow martyrs are being commemorated on the 63rd anniversary of their execution and the 32nd anniversary of their reburial on Wednesday.




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