Vaccination is now mandatory for healthcare workers in Hungary


In order to curb further waves of the coronavirus epidemic and protect patients, healthcare workers are now required to take the vaccine, ​​said on Thursday night, indicating that a government decree will soon be available in the Hungarian Gazette.

The announcement recalled that the vaccination program in Hungary started with the vaccination of healthcare workers at the end of December last year, and the vast majority of healthcare workers have taken up the vaccine. As noted, there were only a few left who had not yet been vaccinated.

“Now they are also being asked to take the vaccine,” reads the government page.

This is because healthcare workers are more exposed to the infection and can be a source of the virus in the community. “Their vaccination is also needed to protect their own health and the health of patients,” the communiqué said.

The details stated that the compulsory vaccination of healthcare workers is also supported by the Hungarian Medical Chamber and the Hungarian Chamber of Healthcare Professionals, and is considered justified by the National Hospital Directorate to protect the health of both workers in the sector and patients and their relatives.

Vaccination is mandatory for all unvaccinated healthcare workers; including health care workers in primary care, outpatient specialist care, hospitals, ambulances, pharmaceutical care, diagnostics, patient carriers, and health care workers employed by private health care providers.

In addition, vaccination is mandatory for both employees of social care institutions and health care workers in social institutions, such as doctors visiting nursing homes.

The information highlighted that unvaccinated healthcare workers must take the first dose of the vaccine by 1 September at the latest.

It was also pointed out that healthcare providers should not enter into a new legal relationship with a healthcare professional who does not take up the vaccine and should terminate the legal relationship with a healthcare professional who refuses to take the vaccine.

The information covered: the employer may call on the healthcare professional to certify the vaccination and also to take the vaccination by the deadline or to present a medical opinion justifying the exemption from the vaccination.

“We would like to thank the health workers for their exemplary support in the fight against the epidemic and for the fact that the vast majority of them were among the first to take the vaccine, setting a good example,” the statement said. those who have received their second vaccination more than four months ago may request the third vaccination.

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