Compulsory vaccination can be introduced in another sector in Hungary


Vaccination can be made compulsory at any time within the Hungarian Armed Forces because if someone withdraws from the so-called military captivity, they commit a disciplinary violation and a crime – said Minister of Defense Tibor Benkő reports on Spirit Fm’s now debut Soldier at

The Minister said:

there are still tasks, there are places where vaccination of soldiers is mandatory, and there is already 99 percent vaccination in the military.

Tibor Benkő also talked about the fact that soldiers reappeared in hospitals due to the epidemic situation, currently, almost 100 soldiers are participating in helping the vaccination program in 28 institutions.

The minister also spoke on the show that the recognition of the army has grown in recent years and it is now worthwhile to go as a soldier. Volunteer military service is attractive to young people, as evidenced by the fact that it was not even announced that volunteer service would earn an extra point on recruitment, the 400-person budget was already full.

Compulsory vaccination was prescribed for health care students at the University of Debrecen

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