Second Degree Weather Alert Issued for Hajdú-Bihar: A Wave Frontal System Will Reach the Country With Violent Thunderstorms


A wave frontal system is reaching Hungary, which can cause heavy rainfall and violent thunderstorms, the National Meteorological Service wrote on its Facebook page on Friday. It was reported that thunderstorms may form in the northwestern part of the Transdanubia region late in the afternoon, early in the evening, and already in the central regions at night, which may be accompanied by stormy gusts of 60-80 kilometers per hour, hail and downpours. There may also be a few violent thunderstorms with wind gusts over 80 kilometers per hour and larger ice.

On Saturday, thunderstorms may develop primarily east of the Danube and in the southeastern part of Transdanubia, which may be accompanied by downpours, gusts of wind and hail. Violent thunderstorms may also develop, accompanied by damaging wind gusts of over 90 kilometers per hour and large ice. An orange (second degree) warning has been issued for many of our counties – including Hajdú-Bihar – due to the threat of thunderstorms:

It was also announced that fast-moving thunderstorm systems may form during the day and in the evening on Saturday, which may cause damaging wind gusts over a larger area. Attention was drawn to the fact that, depending on the weather situation, a red alert may also be issued on Saturday – mainly during the day and in the evening. According to the post, in Transdanubia – and less likely in the wider area of ​​the Danube – a large amount of precipitation is expected on a regional average, the amount of precipitation falling on Saturday is estimated to be between 15 and 45 millimeters, but locally it may fall much more, even more than 60-70 millimeters . It was written that most of the rain is expected to occur along a southwest-northeast axis, but the exact position of the axis is still uncertain for the time being, it may move both northwest and southeast.


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