The main organizer of a gang that regularly smuggled illegal migrants to Austria was arrested

Last week, Hajdú-Bihar police and KR NNI detectives arrested the 41-year-old man from Eki, who was suspected of being the main organizer of a gang that regularly smuggles illegal migrants to Austria, in a coordinated operation. S. Csaba was arrested by the court on Friday.

A woman in the Hajdú-Bihar county caused an accident due to the influence of drugs

The police were alerted to a traffic accident on August 16, 2022, around 6 p.m. A car driven by a 24-year-old young woman crashed into the trees on road 4808. She was not injured in the accident, but she was visibly in a daze. The officers used a breathalyzer on him, which showed a negative […]

Horror Accident in Debrecen – The 21-Year-Old Man Did Not Have a Chance to Survive the Crash

Instead of celebrating his 22nd birthday, only sadness remained for the family that lost their son in a horrific car accident in January. After the brutal collision, half of his face disappeared, so the police didn’t want to show Attila’s body to his parents, but according to the stepfather of the guilty driver, there was […]