Man Beaten to Death in Downtown Debrecen in Front of Passers-by: Details Made Public


In October 2023, the Debrecen Court of First Instance sentenced the man who injured his drinking buddy with a sewing needle and then beat him to death two years ago in Debrecen to ten years in prison and a ten-year ban from public affairs for the crime of murder. The accused cannot be released on parole from a prison sentence. The prosecutor appealed against the sentence for aggravation, and the defendant and his defense lawyer appealed for mitigation.

According to the facts established by the first-instance court, in September 2022, the defendant, already drunk or under the influence of drugs, talked with two other homeless people who were also intoxicated in front of a downtown restaurant in Debrecen. After a while, the accused got into an argument with the victim because he complained that he did not usually offer him alcohol. The victim, to avoid further discussion, did not respond. The accused then promised not to hurt the victim and asked the other man in the group to bring him cigarette papers from the tobacco shop. Taking advantage of the man’s absence, the accused scratched the victim’s head with a sewing needle. However, due to his drunken and stupefied state, he believed that the victim could be the father of his former grudge, and he held him accountable for this.

Then he got angry, lost his self-control, kneeled on the victim’s chest with great force and punched his head several times. He then moved away from the victim, but ran back and assaulted the victim again. The police, who arrived on the basis of telephone reports, transported the defendant to the detoxification center. The victim died after more than a month of hospital treatment. The council of the Debrecen Jury led by Dr. Tamás Háger aggravated the defendant’s prison sentence to 12 years. In other respects, he upheld the first-instance verdict.

It was announced that the first-instance court correctly established the facts and that the classification of the act was also legal. The sentencing panel found the prosecution’s appeal for aggravation to be well-founded. The accused committed the crime in the city center, in a public area, in front of passers-by. The 12-year prison term aggravated by the sentencing panel is already suitable for achieving the punishment goals. The judgment is final.


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