Algerian burglar arrested


Debrecen Police arrested a 39 years old Algerian man on the 26th of January. He is a suspect of a burglary series committed in the last three months.

He has escaped from the refugee camp last summer because authorities refused to give him refugee status, and they were working on his deportation.
From the 16th of october till the 16th of january he tried to rob 30 houses and flats. Hetook valuables worth more than 6,5 million forints. His biggest prey was 2,4 million forints from only one flat. He took everything from teddybear to hifi sets, money and jewellery. On one occasion the owner arrived home unexpectedly during the burglary, the supect hit him with his head and fled. He always robbed the ground and the first floor flats between 5 and 6pm. 17 flats were on the ground floor, that was easy for him to get in and check nobody is at home.

After the fifth case police were sure that a serial-burglarwas working in the city, because he used the same crowbar to strech up the doors. Testimony was taken but he refused to cooperate. Police thinks that he had a companion in the burglaries, who is also foreigner.

Police found the majority of the stolen items in his flat. He was renting a flat and a car due to a Hungarian lady whom he met in Debrecen. He can be sentenced up to 8years in prison because of the high value of the causing damage.