Hungarian MEPs Highlight Benefits of Erasmus+ 2021-2027


Ruling Fidesz MEPs have highlighted the benefits for Hungary of the Erasmus+ 2021-2027 after the European Parliament approved the EU’s new education programme at a plenary session. The new programme has a budget of over 28 billion euros, twice the amount available in the previous seven-year cycle.

Andrea Bocskor said in a statement that Erasmus+ would further expand opportunities for young Hungarians in pursuit of their careers and professional development. She also expressed hope that greater resources would be made available to support traditional, national minorities and their languages, “a valuable part of Europe’s cultural heritage”. Ádám Kósa said the programme offered a level playing field for learning foreign languages thanks to the broader use of online platforms and e-learning, as well as courses tailored to the specific needs of participants. He praised Erasmus+ for promoting mutual understanding and mobility within and outside the EU. He also welcomed the programme module that offers the opportunity to study a national sign language, including Hungary’s.


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